Creating a professional visual experience for your product will increase conversions, land warmer leads and delight customers.

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ui + ux design services

Crafting immersive digital experiences

We design world-class digital products that make a lasting impression. Our User Experience and User Interface specialists perform a deep dive of the workflows and subject matter to create a look and feel that is immersive, intuitive and engaging.

Beautiful and modern UI/UX design is critically important in building a digital presence and interacting with customers. From UI/UX, workflow development, branding, theming and iconography - and more - our design team will guide you through the design process in a highly collaborative fashion, starting on day one.

Good information architecture greatly impacts the user experience. We put the user's satisfaction first by ensuring that customers can easily adapt to the functionality of the product and find everything that they are looking for without much difficulty.

Prototypes are one of the most important deliverables in our discipline. A digital prototype lets us address and solve the problem before reaching the development phase, saving precious time (and budget). Continuously and quickly testing the evolving product helps validate that we're building a product that is tailored to fit your customers' wants and needs.

We are driven by digital solutions and the people that use them. We ask questions. We take notes. We learn everything we can about your target audiences to craft a digital experience that resonates with them.

Graphic design focuses on the aesthetics of a screen and its related materials by strategically implementing images, colors, fonts, and other elements. We don't just focus on pretty graphics, however - we design practical, objective-focused UI that resonates with your branding and business objectives.

A well-defined visual identity leads to the recognition and appreciation of a brand. Our job is to help you convey the values and personality of your business through the visual elements, and to help create an emotional connection with your customers.

our Approach

Design process

Our team of design experts applies a customized approach to each project, offering you unique digital solutions that set your business apart from the rest.



The process starts with a thorough understanding of your brand, expectations and business objectives.



Great insights lead to effective design. User interviews and market research are just a few of the things that we do.



With solid insights, we distill the most crucial elements and define the metrics for success.



Now comes our team's favourite part. We bring your ideas to life with interactive wireframes and high fidelity mockups.


Prototype & test

The design is prototyped and tested repeatedly to collect user feedback and facilitate iterative product refinement.



Our creative team will prepare the visual design assets required for developers to turn the prototype into a functional product.

agile approach

Commitment to agile project management

We understand that businesses need to pivot and adapt. The Agile methodology provides a feedback loop which facilitates transparency and a quick reaction time with respect to evolving requirements.

Projects are divided into recurring 2-week sprints. The goals of each sprint are planned in sprint kickoff meetings, which our clients are invited to attend; there is continuous flexibility regarding adjustments to the project's direction, roadmap and task sequencing. Most projects deviate from their original concept due to stakeholder feedback or changes in the market - this is the nature of technology design and development.

MVP Program

Launch to market with our MVP development program

Is your business a startup? Convergence's MVP Program assists qualifying businesses with the development of a market-ready product by coming alongside the project as an investor and partner.