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The gold standard for mobile

If you have serious requirements for performance, device integration and feature richness, then you're going to need a mobile app.

We design and develop modern, interactive and lightning-fast mobile apps for Android and iOS. Apart from the app itself, our cross-functional teams provide an all-inclusive service which encompasses business analysis, UI/UX design, project management, back-end systems architecture, infrastructure development and more.

our capabilities

Custom app development

Convergence is regularly ranked as a Top 10 custom software development partner in Canada. Whether your business is modernizing its legacy operations, developing a new SaaS platform, or enhancing an existing technology ecosystem, we see the big picture.

Whether developing an app for a brand new concept or modernizing an existing business, having a Business Analyst involved early on can have a significant impact on a project's ROI, development roadmap, and chance of success.

The Project Manager is the primary touchpoint for client communications; they represent, dictate and translate the efforts of the development team within the context of a project development effort. Our clients have visibility on the day-to-day progress of all aspects of the product roadmap, ensuring that the product's strategy remains aligned with your business' goals. KPIs or OKRs may be established as metrics for progress.

Marketers create value for customers by building a unique brand for your organization. We analyze the target markets, assess the user personas and study the user behaviour patterns. For an optimized launch, the app development and marketing strategies should be integrated.

Beautiful and modern UI/UX design is critically important in building a digital presence. From UI/UX, workflow development, branding, typography, iconography, visual identity, and much more, our design team will guide you through the design process in a highly collaborative fashion - starting on day one.

Our software engineers have worked in many industry verticals and have developed sophisticated mobile apps for a wide variety of use cases. Whether the app involves complex sensor interactivity, photo processing, geolocation, or anything else, we can bring it to life. As a technology company first and foremost, we are continuously learning and evolving.

Industry partners

Official AWS Partner

Behind all business-grade platforms is a robust cloud-based infrastructure. Convergence is both an AWS Select Consulting Partnerand anAWS Public Sector Partner - we have deep knowledge in the architecture, development and management of the systems that your software ecosystem requires in order to scale.

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our Approach

Agile team and processes

A high-performance and well-practiced team will achieve amazing results, given even the most sophisticated requirements. We would like you to think of us as an extension of your team; your tech division that happens to be located in a different office. Our teams operate under the Scrum project management framework.



Do you need a mobile app, or would a responsive web application suffice? What are the business and technological objectives? Brainstorming from end-to-end.


Feasibility assessment

We bring ideas to life - but some ideas may be too far out there. We assess the obstacles, solutions and realistic implementations of the functional requirements.



UI/UX specialists conduct stakeholder interviews and workflow analysis, resulting in an expertly crafted user experience. Branding and market analysis in parallel.



Sprint planning, well-defined development efforts, stakeholder confirmation - rinse and repeat in 2 week sprints throughout the project development lifecycle.



Iterative and transparent teamwork brings the software to life before your eyes, allowing for agile pivoting and fine-tuning. There are no last minute surprises in what was developed.



Staging environment deployments are frequent and automated, but going to Production is when things get serious. We orchestrate successful public launches.


The modern tech stack evolves quickly, and we move with it. Here is a sampling of some of our go-to frameworks, tools and languages.

React native for mobile
MongoDB svg
Expo for Mobile
React native for desktop
MongoDB Png
Expo for desktop

the right approach

Cross-platform strategy

For immersive or resource-intensive apps, native app development remains the best choice. For most apps, however, we recommend using a cross-platform framework such as React Native.

The benefits include a reduced budget, a reduced development timeline, talent consolidation, the need for only a single source code repository, and a greatly simplified maintenance/update schedule. We can assist with this important strategic decision.

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